The Department of Physical Therapy offers an entry-level undergraduate and an advanced postgraduate programs for physical therapy.

The design of the four-year undergraduate program in physical therapy follows the educational guideline of the Taiwan Physical Therapy Association, and encompasses five components forming the profession of physical therapy: foundational and clinical sciences (movement sciences and kinesiology, anatomy and physiology, clinical medicines), tests and measures (skills associated with examination and evaluation), interventions (documentation, education, and therapeutic procedures including physical modalities, mobilization and massage, rehabilitation, orthotics and prosthetics, prevention), professional responsibility (administration, ethics, teamwork, and the health care delivery system), and patient management (integrative courses to sharpen clinical decision making and reasoning). These will be taught not only in lecture form but also in laboratory classes, in problem-based learning process, and in seminars. E-learning and distance learning are offered for some courses.

The final year of the program is wholly dedicated to clinical education. Students are required to complete internships (36 weeks at least) in a variety of practice settings such as orthopedics, pediatrics, geriatrics, acute care, neurological rehabilitation, and cardiac/pulmonary care. Currently, the Department has contracts with nearly 20 sites across the country for clinical placement. Students are also offered chances of overseas clinical internship if availables.

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