Requirements for BSc degree

A student enrolled in 2015 academic year must complete the following requirements in order to earn a BSc in Physical Therapy. These requirements are fulfilled when a student successfully completes:

  1. A minimum of 101 credits of the mandatory courses in the Department of Physical Therapy.
  2. A minimum of 8 credits of the physical therapy-specific elective courses.
  3. A minimum of 28 credits of general educational courses, of which 12 must be general required credits (such as Chinese, English Reading and Writing), 16 must be liberal educational courses (such as Life and Ethics, Career Development in Physical Therapy)
  4. Physical Education is compulsory in Years One and Two, though none of them contributes to the total credits at graduation.
  5. Pass the General English Proficiency Test at the Intermediate level, first stage, or equivalent.

Requirements for MSc degree

Master students enrolled in 2015 academic year must complete 17 mandatory (including 6 credits of thesis) and 13 elective courses.

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