The Department of Physical Therapy offers a full-time, four-year program leading to the degree of Bachelor of Science in Physical Therapy, with an annual intake of 40 students from all over Taiwan as well as overseas. It is the Department’s mission to enhance the physical well-being and quality of life of human beings of all age groups by educating first-rated physical therapy clinicians. A Master of Science program for Physical Therapy has also started on 2014 with 6 intakes per year.

The undergraduate physical therapy program encompasses studies in basic and clinical sciences, psycho-social subjects, and physical therapy knowledge and skills at various depths. Apart from lectures, hands-on laboratory classes and clinical studies, problem-based learning, e-learning, and evidence-based practice are also implemented in the curriculum. Students have to complete a minimum of 1440 clinical hours (equivalent to 36 weeks) at the final year of study to consolidate what they have learned. These placements are within a variety of environments, ranging from large teaching hospitals to special rehabilitation centers throughout the country. Our primary objective is to prepare competent and caring physical therapists who are able to practice in a variety of settings and roles in the fast changing world.

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